When I first came here in 2002, Coron was a sleepy town that was known for its world-class WWII shipwrecks. It had all been discovered before I got here, but there was a magic about the place. It made you feel there was still uncharted territory and that feeling is still here today.

In England, before coming to the Philippines, my passion was wreck diving. I was BSAC trained and enjoyed teaching as well as wreck-diving, so when I came to settle in the Philippines I retrained with PADI so I could offer a full range of courses to recreational divers.

If you haven’t experienced the magic of the underwater world this is the place to start. We can offer all courses from discover SCUBA to dive master courses. Discover SCUBA is designed to provide that first view of the marine world, with the unique feeling of weightlessness you can only experience underwater. I am a highly experienced and qualified instructor but, as I get a little older, I no longer offer all the courses personally, but can refer you to extremely competent and personable instructors locally.

Certified Open Water Diver Course

To become a certified open water diver, you can do a three-day Open Water Course (OWC). We are able to start our courses in a sheltered open water environment with white sand beaches, sloping gently down to deeper water where your training extends to the local reef. The focus of the course is to develop important diving skills while having fun and enjoying those first experiences. The OWC is the most important training you will ever do as a diver. It’s where you develop all those good habits that will stay with you forever, the most important being good buoyancy control. Ask any diver! For those of you who have SCUBA diving experience, but haven’t had a chance to dive on a shipwreck, you are in for a treat. There is nothing quite like the thrill of your first wreck dive, seeing the vastness of an underwater war ship that died in battle, to swim inside a ship were the crew once walked, to imagine the activity of the day she sank. This is one experience you will never forget.


(These courses are currently under revue and will be ammended shortly)

Discover SCUBA or Scuba Review(Two Students with Private Boat) Php9,000
Qualified Divers for Three Dive Day(A minimum of two divers with private boat) Php4,500 per person
Qualified Divers for Two Dive Day(A minimum of two divers with private boat) Php4,000 per person
PADI Open Water (Single Student with Private Boat) Php17,500
PADI Advanced Open Water (Single Student with Private Boat) Php13,500
Qualified Divers for Three Dive Day (on a Scheduled boat)including equipment and lunch Php3,500
Qualified Divers for Two Dive Day (on a Scheduled boat)including equipment and lunch Php3,000