Eating Out

breakfast at Kaba-KabaKaba Kaba doesn’t have a formal restaurant, but we will be happy to prepare breakfast for you.

There are some great places in town providing good quality, good value food – just ask and we can recommend a few for you to try.

We appreciate everybody’s tastes in food are very different so this advice is based on what we, and previous guests, have found to be good value for money, no frills, dining.

family dinner Coron BistroGood advice for eating out is: find out where the locals go!!! That would be Coron Bistro. They have an extensive menu and everything is tasty, and reasonably priced.

There are also plenty of new restaurants and bars popping up that need to be tried out.
street food


In addition, the really cheap street food can provide a meal for as little as 50php.


There is a local fruit and vegetable market where you can buy fresh produce for the day if you’re planning a day away or just want to snack.

If you find somewhere you enjoyed that is not mentioned here please help future guests by sending us an email so that we may include your findings on this page. Thanks