Whilst Coron is rightly famous for outstanding SCUBA diving there is so much more to enjoy. Take a look through this page, and the sub-menu links, to get a taste of what attracts todays visitors and drags them back time and again…..

Island Hopping

Busuanga and its surrounding islands have so much to offer, and the best way to see them is by island-hopping boat. Take a day to explore some of the 700 islands making up the group of Islands knows as the Calamianes. Organized tours start from as little as 650php per day – that includes lunch and entry fees to island beaches and viewing spots.

SCUBA Diving – All Levels

If you have any interest in learning to SCUBA diving, Coron is the place to do it.Kevin will take you to an island beach where you can try diving with an experienced instructor in shallow water. Once you have the basic skills, it’s time to explore the reef and have an experience of a lifetime. After lunch on the boat and a chill on the island, if you’re up for it you can try another dive site. If you’re hooked on diving it’s time to get your license and dive the wrecks, some of the best dive sites in the world! No exaggeration.

Coron Wreck Diving

In 1944 the American Navy launched an airborne attack from the East Coast of the Philippines to the Calamian Islands in the South China Sea. The Japanese had moved their supply fleet from Manila to these islands thinking it was beyond the reach of the Americans. But three squadrons of American bombers had auxiliary fuel tanks enabling them to make the longest airborne Navy raid of the 2nd World War.

This WW2 attack created twelve Japanese shipwrecksand now places Coron in the top ten spots in the world for wreck diving. The great thing is that divers from all levels of experience can enjoy the wrecks. There are wrecks from just a few meters below the surface to wrecks at 45m deep for the suitably qualified and experienced diver.

For qualified divers, wreck diving can be a breathtaking experience. Going down the line to a wreck for the first time is an exciting moment filled with the anticipation of what lies below. For the experienced and adventurous diver the Coron wrecks make great penetration dives. From a gentle look into the cargo holds, to exploring rooms on the lower deck levels and checking out the engine bays and propeller shafts, there is much to see. For suitably qualified divers, Kevin will also organize technical diving days that will include twin tanks and EAN for decompression dives.

Motor Bike Riding

KabaKaba offers motorbike rental for P500 per day.

The beautiful scenery around Coron and the rest of Busuanga Island is not to be missed. If you have experience riding a motorbike, a day taking a gentle ride to some of the hot spots outside of the main town is a great activity. If you do wish to use a motorbike, it’s best if you’ve had experience riding a bike off road on rural tracks.

A day trip around the island to experience rural life in the Philippines, to take in the scenery of rice terraces, meet people at the local sari sari stores, and take in the gorgeous island views is a great experience for motorbike riders with off-road experience. In the north of the island there is a wildlife park with giraffes, zebras, as well as indigenous animals. It’s a fun experience but don’t expect a European park.


A day hiking up Mount Tandalara is a great experience. The mountain rises to 800m over a distance of approximately 4km. The walk takes you through rain forest bamboo areas then out into open areas above the tree line with some stunning views. At the top you will have a 360 degree view of the islands and the sea beyond. It’s about 2 to 3hrs up and 11/2 to 2 hrs down, so bring water and be prepared for a good day’s hike.

Swimming Pools

Close to Kaba Kaba Cottages Resort, there are a few luxury hotels that open their pool facilities to non-residents. These include Busuanga Island Paradise where you can swim and dine. And closer still only a few hundred yards from KabaKaba is West Town with pools, bars, and dining.


For dining, there are great places in town that are good value – just ask and we can recommend some for you.